September 27, 2006


stupid posts are my specialty =]

like this one.

that joke is getting old..

and not improving with age.


byee =]

September 17, 2006


so much for funny updates...

this is all you're getting..and the novelties worn off so its not remotely funny either.ohhmyy.

just what are we to do...

well its your problem cause I've got more important things to worry about so HA o.O

August 31, 2006


made my day =] (even though i made it)
he just rules =]


this is the lamest blog post in the history of blogging.


[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[brackets are cool yo]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


I need to write something funny.

this sure isn't it =
So Im gonna write something interesting instead...

this isn't it either =[

I think i have ADHD

byee =]

August 29, 2006


today i wrote about a girl.
a girl that was nice.
i saw this girl in a movie. and i fell in love.
with the girl.
and the idea of the girl.
the girl that was nice.and i could talk to.and would be nice back, because not a lot of things were nice back then.
8 years later.
i found her.
and i loved her,
and i still do.
and she went to the hospital.i still don't know why.
when i was told i cried.
forever and ever. now i have tear stains and cut marks and bandages.
and the only thing in the world is her.and still is and always will be.
and im in love. not with the idea
but the girl.
cause she is everything..not everything..nothing, cause nothing lasts forever.
if i cry anymore i'll drown.but that'll be ok.because then i know sometime i'll be with her.
the world needs more cuts and scars and bandages.
i'll be fine cause i don't love an idea.
and tomorrow i'll write about a girl.not an idea.
ideas fade.
love doesn't.
i may not write about a girl everyday.
but i think about her everyday.
i think that we will be together.
and life has meaning like it should.

today i wrote about a girl.
as i wrote
i fell even more
and more and more and more
i never fell so hard
it a nice way
so nice. i want it to hurt only in the nice way.
not the way that makes cuts and scars and bandages.
today i wrote and wrote and wrote
and tomorrow i will never forget.
never ever.
good night.

July 28, 2006


I thought I would write something nice and meaningful...yeah riiiiiiiight. As if I would write something that made sence..or didnt ramble on.Anyway I had a thought, (unusual I know) what if penguins could fly? Then they could migrate to Hawaii or Haiti. Wouldnt that rule? yeah thought so.

In other news Im obsessed with Pinback's "Fortress" and I think that 1982 Celicas are the best.

Now wasn't that the best?
yep totally
Jefree Star is hot
revolving doors are fun
Im thinking of putting a classified ad in the paper. WANTED: ONE "LIFE" inquire inside...

July 16, 2006


I forgot to say Im on vacation and cant post..damn
I bet no one noticed anyway

June 30, 2006

The Greatest Blog Experiment

*Ahem* Attention new bloggers This Site is helping people get more hits on their site so give it a try ^^

Yes..that good

Today i just had to blog about..that and my friends were yelling at me to update..meanies...Anyway today was goodvery good because of two reasons..and the second one doesn't count.So number one: My great friend Ashleigh found the perfect guy (some dude called Cory...evidently they love each other or some shit thing). So yeah..and that leaves her off my case about me and Alex ^_^ *is super chuffed about that*. As for number two: it doesn't exist!!!! [insert maniacal laugh here] but i need some humor in here somewhere so ill havta think of something....or promptly get distracted by a well timed....[insert drum roll here] shiny thing [insert [insert drum roll here]..shiny thing here] OMFG SHINY THING!!!!!!!
[insert drum roll here] shiny thing